Livestock Producers always desire to provide their animals with the best quality of hay. This can be achieved by having an understanding of the forage quality of the hay they are providing. Not understanding the forage quality of the hay might cause a producer to cut Net Profits by either overestimating or underestimating the quality of their hay.

Obtaining a few core samples of your hay and having it tested can provide you with a wealth of information about what your livestock is consuming. You can even borrow one of our Core Samplers, just take a sample from a few different bales and place them in the bag we provide. Bring our Core Sampler back along with your samples and we will send them off to get tested for you. When we get the results back we will give you a call.

“Forage quality is defined as the potential of forage to produce the desired animal response. It involves consumption, nutritional value, and the resulting animal performance. Hay quality includes palatability, digestibility, intake, nutrient content, and anti-quality factors.” Written By John Cothren at NCSU. Read more about: Good Reasons To Test Your Hay